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In a distance of 15 km from the town of Zakynthos,in the southwest side of the island, a beautiful smallgulf is situated Limni Keriou. It is considered as a nice beach with pebbles and sand and a picturesque small port which is surrounded by small taverns,which especially when it is getting dark,give to the gulf a very special atmosphere. Limni Keriou is an ideal place to begin inviting the blue caves of Keri and the Marathonissi island with the golden sand beach where the turtles Carreta-Carreta make their nests. In a distance of 5 km,the village Keri is situated,with the narrow streets and the old stone houses,which are congested around the small cafes of the main square. You must n't omit to walk up to the light house at Keri,a place with a unique view,so you will enjoy the magnificent sunset,